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Dallas Santa Claus - Live Video Chats

Sometimes you just need to have Santa talk with someone in person

Live Video Chats with Santa Claus

                      How do I make a Virtual Experience Outstanding

Be prepared!  Have everybody by the computer at least 5 minutes in advance, Santa will have a welcome screen up before the call is scheduled, so you can get all ready.
Have adequate lighting in the room, that way your recording will be better quality.  Also, Santa likes to be able to see everyone!
Don't run the vacuum cleaner during the call, no table saws or jet engines either, remember that Santa's ears are elderly!

The video session will be recorded in HD quality and you will be supplied a copy shortly after the call, Please give Santa a day or two, this is my busy season.
Santa prefers Zoom, that's what most school districts are currently using so everyone should be familiar with it. But with advance notice we can use Skype.   Zoom has the highest quality at this time, so your recording will look the best.

You can eMail Santa at the North Pole with any questions you might have, we'll do our best to get an answer out as quick as we can,   Our video studio here at the North Pole is using broadcast quality video, audio and lighting equipment, we would be happy to set up a test meeting in advance if you need to make sure your computer is up to the task.

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